Rules for our clan.

Rules for our clan.

Temple of War, the numbers now reset every two weeks instead of every week.  So pay attention to the new eldership and member requirements below.
Membership: A member must donate a minimum of 300 troops in the 2 week cycle and must have at least 100 troop donations at the end of the first week or they cannot stay in this clan.
Eldership:  To become an elder a member must donate 1000 troops before the 2 week cycle reset.  In order to maintain eldership, the elder must give 700 troops in the two week cycle and must have 300 of those donations made by the end of the first week.  If an elder is demoted or leaves the clan and then re-enters,  he must give the 1000 troops in the two week cycle to be an elder again.
Elders must be loyal, and honest and treat others well.  Do not abuse your power as elders or you will lose that power.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Remember:  No Drama and No foul or abusive language allowed.

4 thoughts on “Rules for our clan.

  1. This clan was made up by ppl that were tired of being in a clan that did’nt give a crap about each other and how everyone was doing. Then. Kind hearted man and a couple of his friends from the old clan struck out on their own,it was hard and some close friends in the clan have moved on but the clan still thrives and new young blood all the time keeps us alive,as in real life there is drama from time to time but we plow through and keep going. I hope everyone in the clan good luck on and off the Internet . James2854t (old Jim) hahaha

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