1. What are the most important rules at the Temple of War? Be active, donate, have fun and treat others the way you would want to be treated.
2. Can I be an Elder? The answer is both yes and no. First, an elder should be someone that has given at least 700 troops on a bi-weekly basis. Second, an elder must be loyal to the Temple of War and its mission and not a clan hopper. Third, an elder must be trusted by me and/or other elders that I trust. Fourth, an elder must be mature enough not to abuse his power of eldership by promoting others to elder that should not be elders or by kicking or threatening to kick non-elders without proper cause. Fifth, an elder has to be honest and of good character. If you meet all of these requirements, then I will make you an elder.

3. What do I have to do to be a member? Be a team player and donate a minimum of 300 troops bi-weekly. You should always be active if you can and if you cannot for whatever reason then let me know. Members should not use foul or abusive language and must treat their clan mates the same way that they would expect to be treated. I will not tolerate drama from people in the clan. There are plenty of clans out there that will let you cuss and carry on, but this is not one of them.

4. Why don’t we have a trophy push? We will have a trophy push when the core group of our members are able to push for trophies. The higher you get in trophies the more difficult it becomes to farm for resources. There will come a time in the Temple of War where we will have trophy pushes, but it is not yet time for that.

5. Why can’t I cuss and use foul language? It is unnecessary and people of all ages play this game. If this is the only way that you can have fun, then go to another clan that allows that kind of thing or start your own. This clan has a zero tolerance policy for such.

6. Why does the Temple of War not have a feeder clan? Feeder clans are for those clans that are ready for trophy pushes. The main clan pushes for trophies and the feeder clan grows players that are farming until they get tot he place where they are ready to push for trophies. The Temple of War has not yet developed enough high level players to have a trophy pushing clan and until it does then a feeder clan is not necessary.

7. Why do you kick people who do not donate enough? There are plenty of clans out there that have no requirements at all. You can walk right in and be an elder and give or not give. If you are going to be a casual player who is not very active then find one of those clans. If you need help ask me, because I came from one like that. The primary reason that we are in a clan is to fill up one another’s castles. This is done through donations.

8. Can I have a dragon, PEKKA, or golem? There are many people in the clan that are able to give dragons at this point. Your clan castle must be a level 3 in order to receive a dragon, and a level 4 in order to receive a PEKKA, and a level 5 in order to receive a golem. All of these types of troops are very costly and take a long time to build, so please be respectful of that fact. If you ask for a dragon or PEKKA or Golem know that person is making a sacrifice of time and resources to donate that to you.

9. Why is the Temple of War an invite only clan? Why can’t just anyone join? We do not want just anybody. We only want high integrity, generous, active players that have a team mentality when it comes to donating and upgrading their troops. We do not allow foul and abusive language and one way to minimize that is to be an invite only clan.

10. What will get me kicked from the Temple of War? A) Foul and abusive language will get you kicked and in some cases banned for life from the Temple of War. B) Not being active. If someone joins the clan and then requests and does not donate or just does not donate, then we assume they are not very active and so we kick them out to make room for someone who will be a donating, active member. If someone does not donate 300 troops during the bi-weekly cycle, then they are not active enough and may lose their spot at the Temple of War. C) Sandbagging? What is sandbagging? Sandbagging is when you do give the minimum to stay in and then quit donating and yet keep sending out donation requests. This is not being selfish and not being a team player. We are looking for team players at the Temple of War.

11. What if I do not like the rules? Then go join another clan that is more suited to your likes and dislikes.


1 thought on “FAQ

  1. I have known Darren(dgj)sence we were in the clan Elements of Wae, he has shown me that he is fare,honest very active and above all a very good friend. The man is kind hearted to a fault,he his wife Erin(sonic)there daughter Victoria Nd son Joshua(the rock) are the best kind of ppl. You could possibly know. He is not asking anything more than he does him self. Yes I think he plays to much and should give himself a break once in awhile, but he wants to help everyone he can win at this game. I for one am in this clan the best clan of them all for the long haul. We will get very high in the rankings we might not make the top but we will be very close and its not going to happen over night. Do you think North 44 got there fast those ppl. Have been playing sence this game came out,and I think that was 4-5 years ago so let’s stick together and make this clan something to remember James2854t

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